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Whether you want to host a peer ledger or create a transaction contract specific to your business needs we are ready to work with you.

Secure Your Data

Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a worldwide corporation information security and privacy are important. Let us show you how we can help protect your information.

Generations of BlockChain and Capabilities First Generation Second Generation Third Generation
Bitcoin Crypto-currency Stable Coins Ethereum Hyper-ledger Stellar Philos
No 3rd Party needed for transaction
Content Publicly Verifiable
Volatile Speculation
Publicly Accessible
Cost Effective
Operation of Smart Contracts
Control and Vetting Participants
Minimize Data Usage
Expandable To Large Scale
Separation of Multiple Industries
Tracing Trust of Individuals
Separation of Private Data
Control of Multiple Jurisdictions
Licensing of Transaction Contracts
Economic Indicator Controls
Indefinite Modular Scalability
Zero Trust Ledgers
No Wasted Energy Consensus

About Us

We are a community-created corporation founded by the Block Chain Development Community (BCDC). Our organization was founded to maintain and further develop the Philos Marketplaceā„¢.


Our goal is to provide our users with a secure and trusted distributed ledger solution that is simple to use, cost effective, and energy-efficient. Our solution offers modularity, scalability, and long-term sustainability compared to other blockchains currently available.

We have also partnered with the International Alliance of Trust Chains (IATC) to act as a neutral body of governance for the Philos MarketplaceTM. This helps to assure that decisions regarding the Distributed Ledger are made in a fair and impartial manner with consideration for all users.

Data Tracking

Knowing where your data is, and where it has been, is crucial to security and privacy. We can help you to assure that you know who has seen your data and where it has been used.

Data Verifiability

Being able to provide people with verified data can be difficult and expensive. We can help you to store verified data and share it with others when you need to.

Verified Trust

Trust is important when it comes to our data and information. Our Distributed Ledger is built on trust and our users earn this trust through participating over time.

The PhilosBDL Difference

At PhilosBDL we know that data privacy and security are crucial. That is why we developed a third-generation Distributed Ledger technology based on trust.

Data Privacy

Your personal information is tracked all over the internet. Keeping this information private is becoming more difficult every day. We can help you store your information privately while keeping it accessible when you need it.

Data Security

Data security has become a daily concern for all of us. Whether you are a multibillion-dollar corporation, a small start-up, or an individual we have a solution for you.

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